Things I strive for:

The feeling of relief rather than anxiety when I accidentally leave my Smart Phone in the next room.
To leave my Kindle from time to time and read a hard cover book (that being if my Kindle is out of battery of course).
To spend less time on social media nonsense about people’s food pics on Intsagram and more on people’s baby pic’s on Faceboook.
Things Striiv should strive for:A better wearable.
Unfortunately I have to be that person who gives the bad review – so here it is!

We all know that Setting up anything new can be daunting – thank gawd for start up manuals – Too bad Striiv leaves you SOL on this one with their faulty link on their manual ( leaving you perturbed that you have to figure it out yourself. And though it prompts you to “Go Home” after the error message has been displayed, I suggest that you do that, do just that – and figure it out. Once you’re there, the set up was easy.

I was disappointed that the “Fitness Tracker” didn’t track your heart rate, but it did track incorrect steps in which I was over by 250 whilst sitting in my car, but that’s ok because Striiv counts your calories and distance – at this point I had already lost faith and was 2 donuts in (true story).

The sleep “tracking” feature is a sham sham. It doesn’t track the quality of your sleep like it says it does rather, it’s used as a timer that you manually turn on and off to “count” the time you’re snoozing – Well, I count sheep at night just saying. And don’t even get me started on the “Play Fitness Games” Which is the only real reason why I decided to review Striive in the first place!

Overall, I give this Fitness Tracker a 5 for effort. Because of you I’m 15lbs over my targeted weight.