Drones intimidate me… mainly because Im bad at operating things. I once crashed my cousins battery operated Hot Wheels into a cement wall when I was nine and never heard the end of it. Crashing a $1,399 drone into a house sixty seconds after lift off gives me anxiety – thankfully, with the Phantom 4 upgraded features, you can pretty much have a drone that fly’s itself!

Apple and Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has joined forces once again launching the Phantom 4. What appeals to me about this bird is that it includes an Obstacle Sensing System that allows the drone to detect and avoid objects in its path – in other words, flying this should be fool proof as the optical sensors are used to avoid crashing into things when you’re piloting. Furthermore, if you’re a person who’s an admirer than a do’er, the Phantom 4 can also fly autonomously.

The Phantom 4 is able to fly for 28 minutes, 25 percent longer than it’s predecessor -the Phantom 3 Professional. The altitude has been increased by 300 percent, and it performs better indoors.

My favourite mode on the drone is called TapFly, You literally tap and fly! You do so by Double tapping on a point on screen and the Phantom 4 will fly there, again, avoiding obstacles along the way. You are able to tap as many points at a time and it will transition and pilot its way there, creating a personalized flight path. By pressing the pause button on the controller, your drone will then stop and hover in place.

This drone is definitely worth a gazillion dollars, especially if you barely have to do anything to fly it like a pro!