New York based startup Smartbe, is expecting to raise 80,000 on Indiegogo – a crowdfunding website, to produce a line of electric strollers.

I cringed when I first heard about this self-driving electric baby stroller made for parents who are “tired of pushing their children.” My first initial reaction to this was like, wow… if you need breather from pushing a stroller around, than you’re in for a big fucking surprise.

With a built in self-propelled mode, it uses the stroller’s measurement sensor to maintain a constant distance with the paired device being carried by a parent, which will help in cases where you are going uphill. The assist-propelled mode keeps the stroller within safe reach of parents, and the manual mode which does not use the electric motor, turns the Smartbe to an ordinary stroller.

Listen, I’m all for cool, innovative startups and I think it’s a great concept, but the thought of having my newborn in an electric stroller a foot or even inches away from me because “I need a break” is a little bit bizarre and superfluous (luckily I’m just a dog Mom, so wtf do I know about this shit).

However, there were other features that I thought were fantastic; such as the built in wireless speakers, a bottle warmer, three retractable canopies, a rocker and a temperature-controlled bassinet and an iOS/Android-powered smartphone with the stroller to control it and a battery life of up to 6 hours. Talk about the Rolls Royce of strollers!

For $3,199 (plus shipping) it’s the perfect gift for your sanity. Considering it costs more than most people’s cars, the stroller will damn well include an anti-theft alarm as well as internal and external cameras.  Allowing only authorized people like parents or nannies to unlock Smart’s wheels.