Relationships are hard, and so is watching someone you don’t care about cry in front of you when you say “Peace Out” I mean c’mon, time is of the essence! Thank goodness we live in a day and age where human contact and communication no longer exists, so those awkward goodbyes and potential vandalisms from angry “soon to be” Ex’s can now be avoided with Binder.

Loosely based on Tinder, Binder does your dirty work for you and is now available on iOS and Android with just one swipe to the right – no longer a partner in sight! (Geez they really made it difficult growing up in the 90’s).

It’s simple: Choose the sex of your soon to be ex, add their name and phone number, choose from a list of obnoxious and super hilarious reason as to why you can no longer breathe the same air as them and presto! The app has officially ended it. Your ex will receive a text or a call (which is probably the worse of two) making you D-Bag of the year – Congrats!!