I woke up today hating life after a few bottles of wine at last night’s Christmas party. In pjs with a few Advils in one hand and a double shot of a vodka Ceasar in the other (hair of the dog), I was completely zoned out while silently contemplating a slow death for myself -then my publisher sends me an email: “Hey, are you going to write about Google’s Star Wars Easter Eggs today?” I shall not blame anyone for the fucked up shit I put myself through the night before, (responds to email:) “Of course, I’m already on it” – fml.

At last, the long awaited Google’s Star Wars Easter eggs are now revealed and available since the release of the film around the world.

As hung over as I was, I sure as hell wasn’t going to miss the launch of the highly anticipated eggs! I opened Google on my laptop and was automatically drawn towards the two lightsabers strategically placed under the search engine “Choose your side.” Things were now getting heated, and as much as I wanted to be a Sith Lord, I felt like I’ve done enough damage for the next year from last night’s shenanigans, and so I became a Jedi Knight.

The features included a virtual reality experience which put you into the world of Star Wars, as well as a game that turned your phone into a lightsaber.

Did someone say a mobile lightsaber!? As I loaded up Chrome, the anticipation was building! – that or I was about to puke… but regardless, I felt something – and that’s always a good sign. Once my lightsaber was loaded up on my mobile and paired with my computer – the gaming began! As I waved my mobile around like an asshole to operate the on-screen weapon — using it to battle through a range of enemies, I must say that I have never felt a prouder moment n life than this one.

One of my favourite Easter eggs by far was searching the phrase ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away’ turning the entirety of the results into the Star Wars opening results – it brought a tear to my eye… you can even add music if you choose to.

In all, between my near death experience this morning and my dog shitting on my bath towel (seriously though), I would have to say today has been a damn good day thanks to Google!