So your family and extended family looks like the cast from The Hills Have Eyes and now you’re afraid that they will make a sequel of your first born. Luckily, with the help of CRISPR scientists at Sun Yat-sen University in China, is now able to alter your genomes from your embryos! Giving you peace of mind that no one will ever mistaken your children for blood thirsty mutants thanks to founder Junjiu Huang – a molecular biologist.

Though most bacteria holds a bad rep like Pathogenic bacteria -the kind of bacteria that stems from a lack of hygiene, and in severe cases when left untreated you’ll likely die from it – (in which case you would be doing us all a favour), Scientist have found a good bacteria -the kind of bacteria that will make a group of astute Chinese biotechnologist billionaires but the time the approvals come around.

CRISPR uses a gene-editing technique that is derived from a bacteria that fights off attacking viruses, using a chemical process to cut-and-paste the DNA of any living thing, CRISPR will soon be able to prevent heritable diseases amongst other “God like abilities,” such as altering the gremlin of humans, animals, organisms as well as manipulating food crops.

And if this doesn’t tickle your fancy – you’ll no longer have to bribe your children into giving their kidney to you, as CRISPR will be able to engineer pigs as organ donors.