I intrigued you enough that you wanted to get to know me eh! (I’m Canadian by the way) Well, I’m Kimber and I’m Asian! So it was only natural for me to start a tech blog (and of course) I had to add a twist of fashion to it -because technology and fashion go hand in hand… duh! Heck, I figured it was my duty to show my asian community that I can hang with the crew… and by “crew” I mean all 1.3 billion of us geniuses.

After two decades of “soul searching” (beacuse the first 10 years of my life I was eating sand in the school yard (ya know… testing it out to see how electroosmosis works of course!) I felt a sudden urge to want to learn something – Mom was proud.

All joking aside, I became interested in tech at the early age of 13. I saved up enough money to buy my first pager. However, the only person paging me was my best friend Holly who coincidentally bought one too. I remember sitting at home on a school night sending each other numeric messages (AKA The Caveman days of text messaging) like 07734 (Hello) or 55378008 (Boobless) that was a popular one.

The first time I was ever exposed to a mobile phone was when I was about eight years old. My super-duper cool Dad bought one of those massive brick “portable” cell phones that came with a telephone pole and all! We had it set up in our family van… I don’t think he ever used it once. I used to stare at it in the back seat of our 6 seater wondering if it would do something cool like transform into a machine or start shooting at things -it never happened. To end this note, I would like to say Thank-You! For stumbling across this blog and your support means a lot!


Kimber Woods

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