Microwaves… I think everyone is indifferent when it comes to the science oven; it’s perfect for the marijuana driven couch potato; who literally nukes everything, but bad for the anxiety nut who’s also a hypochondriac – like myself, – Science oven = radiation = death.

All I know is that whenever I’m subjected to using the microwave (which is very rare), I do a quick “drop and run” – drop the food in, and get the f out.

When microwaves surfaced in the late 1940’s the first two things that was taught was “no metal in the science oven” and “don’t stand in front of the microwave,” there has to be something said about that right!?

Regardless, the less we use the science oven, the better! Well, that was until Panasonic decided to create the Countertop Induction Oven (CIO), the all in one cooking appliance that can be used as a microwave, induction oven as well as a toaster!

What makes the CIO unique to it’s kind is the induction plate loaded with different heating zones, turning ….hot chicken meal with veggies in just 20 minutes, thanks to the cooktop surface and cookware that generates heat via magnetic fields.

It grills, bakes, toasts and reheats with little or no preheating required, according to Panasonic.

In closing, what’s life without some radiation right? We get more from the sun and other house hold electric appliances anyway.