For those of you who haven’t seen the movie Mean Girls, it’s a Tina Fey teen classic about a young girl’s struggle to find acceptance at a new high school. I have quoted a scene from the movie “On Wednesdays we wear pink” because the struggle to fit in todays society isn’t so forgiving and let’s face it, everyone wants to hang with the “in crowd” and for Toshiba well, sometimes being a follower just doesn’t cut it.

I had the opportunity to check out Toshiba’s booth at this year’s CES, and though their humanoids were highly impressive, I was fixated on their latest wearable – the Toshiba Glass. As I stood in a 15 minute line awaiting my turn, the anticipation was killing me! That was until I was handed a broken glass – well it was more like shoved in my face as we were herded like cattle one by one.

I’m not sure what part of the experience was more unnerving, the 2 minutes I spent struggling with the broken arm band as the representative insisted that there was nothing wrong with it? The crows feet I endured while squinting as I tried to make out what looked to be part of a word that was slightly running off of the reflective projector? Or the fact that people legitimately thought I was crossed eyed.

Regardless, the Glass concept is the same as the Google glass, it’s just not as sophisticated. The display resides in the right earpiece and shines light in from the side, ultimately reflecting into your eye. The reflectors are integrated within the lens of the right eyepiece – unfortunately you have to hold them at an angle to see the subtle cuts in the glass that reflect the projection. When the display is off, it’s like wearing a pair of glasses.

Due to the lack of battery life, the Toshiba Glass must remain physically tethered to a smartphone to work, and if you ask me, having a cable running to a phone in your pocket is a huge nuisance – I mean, that’s the reason we’re all going wireless right? At the end of the day the Google Glass continues to be the head of it’s class without doubt, while there are plenty of alternatives coming to market Toshiba Glass just don’t make the cut.