Recycling… it’s a love hate relationship, but when you do it you feel a lot better about yourself. It’s like when you get asked to donate five dollars to charity at a grocery store check out; you feel like an asshole saying no, meanwhile, you have a cart full of twenty dollar organic bananas you’ll never eat, so you do it just to show face – and because the cashier is totally judging you. But in the end, you walk away feeling good, like you’re this saint that just fed all of China or something.

The scientist at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) are good samaritans who recycle (and probably do more than donate five dollars). Using “smart materials” they are developing a robot that may function like a human; in other words, it will decompose like the human body once it reaches the end of it’s life span. They will combine different materials at the nano-level to develop innovative products. Essentially, infusing any material with nano technology; ranging from paper to synthetic foams like various cotton forms.

Scientists at ITT believe that this technology will be the forefront for future robotics, creating robotic skins made with biodegradable/natural materials that are soft and flexible. They are even going as far as installing tactile sensors from biodegradable materials to create a super skin.

Robots are the forefront to our future. Though still in it’s early stages of world domination, it will continue to play an integral role in our society and soon-to-be our homes. The use of metal materials may be a thing of the past, and making them lightweight and recyclable may change the non-believer into a believer! Remember kids, reduce, reuse, recycle -your robots.