Words cant describe the love affair I have with the Sony Alpha 5100. It delivers image quality that’s on par with an SLR at 24-megapixels, yet half the size which makes travelling with it a breeze!

The rear display is a 3-inch LCD with a 921k-dot resolution. It’s quite sharp, but you get some glare when using it outdoors under a bright sun – but nothing to be concerned about.

My favourite part about this camera (besides the 3-inch LCD rear display) is the tilt display. You can flip it forward for the perfect selfie and a 3-second self-timer is turned on automatically.

Another selling feature is the built in Wi-Fi, if you have a compatible Android phone, you can pair via NFC and download the free Sony PlayMemories Mobile camera app to copy your photos directly onto your phone or tablet wirelessly.

Additional functionality is available via downloadable camera apps. You’ll need to connect the Alpha 5100 to a network in order to access the Sony PlayMemories store. Some apps or pricier than others and some are free.

Overall, I found that the Alpha 5100 is easy to use, especially if you’re a beginner and looking to break into photography. I love the interchangeable lens options and HD video recorder!